It is BRASV Group’s understanding of our clients businesses and the support we supply to their vision that makes BRASV Group unique in its field. We encourage the building of strong relationships, as evidenced through the wealth of our clients being assembled through referrals, and have developed a strong portfolio of national and international clients; market leaders in their own right and leaders in their professions.

Over 260,000 sqm of building space.

BRASV Group specialises in cleaning office space and public areas in non-government schools, multistorey buildings, hotels, and common area cleaning of strata managed buildings. BRASV’s services extend from individual businesses with basic cleaning needs to management of multi-building campuses with comprehensive cleaning and organisational requirements.

Over 635,000 sqm of external areas.

BRASV’s portfolio includes over 260,000sqm of building space and 635,000sqm of external areas in the Education Sector with over 10,000 students and teaching staff every day.

We care for 10,000  students and staff every day.


BRASV Group has a broad service provider, handling with care all manners of:

  • Commercial office buildings (common and tenant space)
  • Liaising with Tenants
  • Non-government schools
  • Childcare centres
  • Health care facilities 
  • Heritage buildings 
94% Client Renewal
98% of Site Supervisors met 98% of KPIs.



BRASV Group provides comprehensive and a per client developed cleaning management solution for every client.

We have the knowledge coupled with the resources to deliver the following benefits, which aid to improve: Cleanliness; Environment; Hygiene; Corporate Image; and, a sense of wellbeing and benefiting all students, staff and visitors to all sites.


Site Management

Cleaning Services

Tenant liaising for commercial clients.

Waste Management

Property Maintenance

Grounds services

Labour Hire

Emergency response services


Over 200 dedicated employees.

Additional 50  BRASV staff on call 24/7.


Core Competencies

  • Management structures
  • Experienced key personnel to manage sites
  • Superior cleaning deliverance through effective training programs
  • Time gained through delivery efficiencies
  • Effective reporting systems 
  • Quality .Audit / Defect Reports
  • Management of consumables and budgets
  • Regular meetings to discuss updates and working programs
  • Vacation planning and meetings
  • Efficiencies in communication – which results in less down time.
  • BRASV has the flexibility to adjust the level of service provided throughout the year to accommodate clients’ scheduling.
96% Employee Retention Rate
92% of KPIs within 4 weeks