It has long been the ethos of BRASV Group to foster both ethical and mutually rewarding partnerships with our clients.

We dependably go above and beyond to help support and achieve our client’s goals, working within each client’s own unique internal infrastructures in order to aid their growing vision of their objectives, goals, and environmentally sustainable necessities.

It is with this that BRASV Group has attained a quality reputation based on a cooperative and innovative spirit.

It is with this spirit of innovation that drives our constant desire to a community-based organisation.

Fundraising, Community, and Sponsorship Events

BRASV Group wholeheartedly promotes and sponsors fundraising events with their clients and schools. BRASV Group happily supports annual fundraising events and awareness days – which enviably to raise funds for schools, charities, students, helping to provide an enriched learning environment in which students can prosper.

Outside of schools, many of these charities which BRASV Group support directly involve supporting by both donation of funds and by way of time.

It our great pleasure to aid schools and clients in their quest to improve the quality of life and environment of students and staff. BRASV Group personally reiterates these beliefs in our own Sustainability and Recycle Programme to educate and find solutions to the waste issue.

Mentoring Programs

Over the years, BRASV Group’s senior management has taken on roles as mentors for high school students through to university students. In this fashion, BRASV Group has provided students with opportunities to develop their skills in the real world working and office environments, proving great opportunities to develop themselves and their skill sets, and widening their scope on what they are capable of with the right team, environment, and incentive.

BRASV Group has proudly provided over thirty positions to school leavers and collaborators with paid projects, in which they have been able to use their both old and newly developed abilities to navigate their way through business objectives.

Additionally, BRASV Group is actively involved in the Australian Business Week, a virtual-business based program which provides a role of a mentor for a week within schools. In this Enterprise Education program students gain experience at running a business and practice in making important decisions, and feeling the weight of the results. The benefits of teamwork and effective leadership are all experiences, which BRASV Group believes, should echo with students in their working career.