BRASV provides a comprehensive range of integrated facility management services for commercial, educational environments and so much more.



Founded in 2004, BRASV Group is a market-leading contract cleaning & integrated facilities service provider. Based on excellent service and strong values, our ethos of service & partnership resonates through each layer of our business. BRASV is relationship driven, not sales driven. We have a long-term focus and are willing to invest time, effort and physical resources to build a sustainable relationship of trust and mutual respect.



Mission Statement

We are committed to creating the cleanest sustainable environment that drives productivity & inspires people to accelerate to their full potential.





Service without compromise

98% of our clients renew their contracts with BRASV.
We believe a clean and healthy workspace is the foundation on which an organisation functions. BRASV's portfolio has grown primarily through referrals, a testament to the relationships fostered and service provided. Many clients have been with BRASV Group since its inception. BRASV boasts a strong portfolio of national and international clients.

75% of Sydney eastern suburbs independent schools are cared for by BRASV Group

Our Achievements
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Our portfolio extends to

Over 25,000 students & staff we care for everyday.

635,000 square metres of external areas.

Over 500,000 square metres of internal building space.