BRASV will only engage with organisations which hold a similar corporate ethos to BRASV – being reputable and ethical organisations.

BRASV Group delivers more than just cleaning. We build a relationship with our clients and supports their staff to realise their goals. BRASV’s continued success is due to the synergy between clients and BRASV. BRASV’s teams are an extension of our client, embracing and melding our clients’ high standards and values with our own. This synergy increases BRASV’s understanding of our clients’ needs, affording clients reduced costs and better value through BRASV’s continually increasing efficiencies.

BRASV cares about your business and knows a sparkling environment is synonymous with a healthy organisation. BRASV knows that “what is good for its clients is good for BRASV” and thus toils to deliver more than just cleaning. It delivers a cleaning service; it takes the lead in the operations of caring for your premises and this benefits your people and environment.


BRASV Group – Established in 2004

BRASV is relationship, not sales, driven.

It has a long-term focus and is willing to invest time, effort and physical resources to set the platform upon which to build a sustainable relationship of trust and mutual respect.

Ross and Suearne Vourloumis founded BRASV Group in 2004. Their vision was to create a market-leading provider based on excellent service and strong value-adding relationships. They have continued their hands-on approach in the company, with their mission statement of Service without compromise at the forefront of their work process. Ross and Suearne are passionate in their pursuit of this vision and lead the company by example.

BRASV saw initial success in the property development sector before entering the non-government school, education and commercial building sectors. BRASV has successfully progressed into these areas providing cleaning management services, concierge services and grounds and maintenance works for a wide-range of clients.

Professionalism, relationship, hard work and trust have been watchwords since the company’s inception. These sound values and high standards are pivotal to BRASV’s success and resonate as strong factors in the company’s growth.


Organisation Chart




    Commenced working with Property Developers for Initial, Exchange and Final Cleans.

    Commenced working with Commercial Buildings and Independent Schools.



    Core Competencies

    BRASV offers the following benefits, which will improve the quality of your environment and well-being through our innovative and reputable cleaning programs:

    • Management structures
    • Superior cleaning deliverance through effective training programs
    • Time gained through delivery efficiencies
    • Effective reporting systems
    • Vacation planning and meetings
    • Experienced key personnel to manage the site
    • Efficiencies in communication – mobile, email and two-way radio communication which results in less down time
    • Management of consumables and budgets
    • Regular meetings to discuss updates and programs
    • Emergency cleaning services
    • Additional cleaning services
    • BRASV has the flexibility to adjust the level of service provided throughout the year to accommodate clients’ scheduling.