Our people are the fabric to our success

Our vertical business structure allows communication to flow freely from senior management level

The founders of BRASV Group (Ross & Suearne Vourloumis) have a wealth of experience with in the field of facilities and integrated management services. BRASV operations is headed by our Managing Director (Ross Vourloumis). Sales & marketing is headed by our Director (Suearne Vourloumis). Both have gained a reputation as trusted advisors with in the cleaning & facilities management industry. As managing director, Ross continuously looks for opportunities to provide efficiencies and operating channels to greater enhance delivery of operation’s on and off site.


Suearne Vourloumis ensures that back line processes and integration of new clients are seamlessly transitioned onto new sites. Suearne’s extensive knowledge of client services and knowing what customers crave has provided Suearne with an insight to developing and on-going partnership through applying innovative solutions. Both Ross & Suearne are jointly responsible for the start-up transition and on-going delivering of expectations for clients

Brasv has over 195 dedicated employees who are neither sub contractors nor contractors on ABN

Developing our company by developing our people.

Commitment: BRASV directors are committed to training and development programs for employees at all levels, a powerful strategy for improving even a greater outcome of quality services. We invest resources into training, carving and developing careers for our people to work towards. Providing staff with the opportunity to advance their skill sets through learning and development programs.

Value of People: It starts with strong leadership skills and people management, the ability of our leaders, at all levels to guide and motivate is based on respect, recognition, responsibility and empowerment. Translating these values into actions, set out how we relate to our client’s and how we bring out the best in people. In all our inductions and training programs at all levels we communicate the importance that we work as a team and every team member plays an important part in the development of BRASV and our culture.

Training Programs: All new staff and front-line staff are inducted onto sites.
Additional training programs are delivered through virtual learning programs and on-site training programs. Site managers and site supervisors receive greater training in house and external higher-level training development.

Experienced Site Managers: BRASV employee policy ensures that our site managers whom are placed on new sites are experienced and are existing Brasv staff members. This guarantees the BRASV way and corporate ethos is instilled on the new site from day one. Whilst providing a seamless transition for the new site, new client and expediting results.

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